another fine and supreme moment

A long time ago LI made a mistake. We had this brain flash: since the monks of old slept in their coffins, why not trade in our old bed, which trailed more bad luck than Jacob Marley trailed chains, for a small little like couch bed? We miscalculated. It turns out that LI is not a jelly fish. We have a distinct spine. Plus, we have about six feet of body, and the bed only had about 5’11” feet of space. This was hard on the foots.

Well, so it went. Live and learn. Learn, for instance, the most intimate secrets of your vertrebrae.

Well, a couple of weeks ago a woman we know decided that she was returning back to sunny California, and gave us her bed. We only had to pick it up today. Of course, the day turned out to be rainy, U-haul decided to play us in that way they have of promising a truck and not delivering, and the bed turned out to be humongous. But who the fuck cares? We finally assembled it in our little apartment, put on the new sheets, and lay down on something that offered… resistance! Incredible as that might seem. Yes, it is big enough to fuck an elephant on. And I’m talking with all the foreplay. But it comes with no bad luck, and a certain air of nobility. O, to work, again, on a bed, writing away! Perhaps this will light a fire under all our dead fictions and LI will dwindle into mere rumbles of impotent thunder about the scoundrel era of American history.

I wonder what the first dream will be like? I find that, at important turning points in my life, all my friends come and visit me in my dreams. Like they want to say hi. Even the ones who now loathe me. Plus old lovers and my Mom, dead these thirteen years. However, possibly the spirits will not find me getting a normal bed an important turning point in my life. Well, fuck the spirits! The last time I had a good bed, a really sweet bed, was 1998. I remember that bed with longing to this day.


### said…
All the cool kids are getting new beds these days, even if it seems like they're all second hand!

We need to make everyone else get new beds via peer pressure!
roger said…
I totally agree, numbernumbernumber. People, if you have friends with old beds, turn up your noses. Call them oldbedders. Sweetly of course, like, "naturally, an oldbedder like you would be into cheesy movies." Soon, of course, the oldbedder will feel an intense twinge when driving past the mattress store. Heh heh.