The demonstration that the Washington Post is, of course, not mentioning

There was an actual article on the NYT front page – at least on the web – about war protestors! After we lay there on the floor a bit, we got back up and checked it out. It was about the protest today in D.C. – LI is sending all our spells and good wishes to this thing – and (thank God), the journalists didn’t dwell overmuch on the celebrities that are going to be there.

As we have made clear, we have definite ideas about demonstrations. A huge demonstration must, I suppose, have a few speeches, but let those speeches be … about the War. Entirely. Not about Global Warming, Venezuela, or fish farming.

A friend the other day sent me an email to show me that others than me are thinking about anti-war demonstration tactics. The email was a proposal to combine anti-war protest with online dating. Or dating period, or something. Apparently, using the chi energy that gets all fizzy when you are waving a sign denouncing our atrocious governing class and their War, you bond with some other likely anti-war protestor. At first I was confused, and thought you bonded right there at the protest – which I thought was, indeed, avant garde and heat, a “we chose fucking over being fucked up” gesture, like the sixties except with condoms, but apparently it is more like finding that certain someone to share a coffee with as you both rail about Bill O’Reilly.
I make fun.
I shouldn’t make fun. I’m down with anything that wakes people up.

Anway, we loved this bit in the NYT story:

''We see many things that we feel helpless about,'' said Barbara Struna, 59, of Brewster, Mass. ''But this is like a united force. This is something I can do.''
Struna, a mother of five who runs an art gallery, made a two-day bus trip with her 17-year-old daughter, Anna, to the nation's capital to represent what she said was middle America's opposition to President Bush's war policy.
Her daughter, a high school senior, said she has as many as 20 friends who have been to Iraq. ''My generation is the one that is going to have to pay for this,'' she said.
She held a sign that said, ''Heck of a job, Bushie,'' mocking Bush's words of encouragement to his disaster relief chief, Michael Brown, amid criticism of the government's immediate response to Hurricane Katrina in the summer of 2005.

When I get my head out of my ass – and it is easy to get your head up your ass when you are writing a blog, or just living, in fact most of the time I go around, embarrassingly enough, with my head up my ass – I remember how much, really, I love the plain old Americans.

The Washington Post, speaking of having your head up your ass so far that you can shed your whole readership while giving op ed space to the retarded children of war mongering think tankers because you are brave and bold and Fred Hiatt, has, of course, nothing on the front of its web page about the demo.

PS - finally, at noon, WAPO puts up a story about the demonstration. With much concentration on the counter-demonstration of pro-war types. Ah, fairness. WAPO is all about fairness.


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Gosh I really love this blog of yours (anonymous person whose name I do not know). I found this searching for the Mitchell translation of Rilke's "Fears" and found also that passage about faces I was looking for! But additionally the Qualcomm stuff about Iraq is amazing/sickening too. And then there is German Romantic Biology which I love! Can a blog get any better?! I should give up my week-old blog now!

But here is a protest story you might find amusing...I am living in Paris now, but most recently lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was there, arrested on the day the war started which was the biggest arrest day in S.F. history. It was a great but ineffective day and my feelings about it are summed up in the Introduction to "Retort"'s book "Afflicted Powers" -- anyway...some years later, an another anti-war protest in S.F. I believe it was an anniversary of the beginning of the War; still somewhat winter and the protest was not scheduled to begin until 6:00 which meant that darkness would already be falling and that the essential force of a protest march -- visibility -- would be sacrificed. But before the march even began we rallied in front of the Civic Center. There we were subjected to speeches about everything...and prayers (?!) it went on and on. Everyone used the protest as a soap box for all issues - legalization of medical marijuana etc. Then hippies walked through the crowds with "Native American smudge sticks" to "purify" (!?) us before the march. If someone wants to understand the crisis of the Left today they should come to a rally in S.F.

As a friend of mine living in Berlin put it when I told him, "Good grief, who organized that one? The Bush Administration?!"