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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush's speech: the expected and the unexpected

Everybody is a little let down by the Bush speech. Before the speech, White House aides were saying that Bush was going to speak against a background of Sister Machine Gun singing Hole in the Ground:

“Cut down by the look in your eyes
Never satisfied by your goddamn lies
There's nowhere left for me to go
Living in a river of sin
Never thinking about the shit I'm swimming in
Don't think I'm ever coming home

There's a hole in the ground
There's a hole in the sky
And there's no deeper place where all the pigs can die”

In the event, Bush couldn’t find Jenna’s CD. So the speech zeroed out as the dull cadences of Bush on the serious channel convinced many that he'd gotten into Laura's valium. The last couple minutes caught some off guard, though, when the Rebel in Chief put on his Barbara Bush wig and just sat there, silently, while a voiceover played. According to my notes, it went:

“They're probably watching me. Well,
let them. Let them see what kind of
a person I am.
(A pause, as the fly
lights on George's
I'm not going to swat that fly. I
hope they are watching. They'll see...
they'll see... and they'll know...
and they'll say... 'why, she wouldn't
even harm a fly...'

George continues to gaze ahead into nothing.

According to a poll taken afterwards among Republican voters, Bush is still so popular that he is the model for the candidate they want in 2008. They want the son of a billionaire who is spectacularly unsuccessful at business, pulled out of several jams by his daddy’s friends, given a sweetheart deal on a sports franchise, and leveraged into a meaningless public office the only power of which is to pardon capital offenses or not. If such a person can’t be found, 70% of GOP voters said they’d be willing to consider one of the members of the Billionaire Boys Club, whose parole could be speeded up just in time for the 2008 election.

ps - in a significant development on the brownnoser front, The Corner has come up with a label for our Churchill that will now officially replace Rebel-in-Chief. This is from the sparkling mind of Larry Kudlow, the man who reported, on the basis of the NYSE runup in October, a stunning sweep by the Republican party:

"President Bush—aka President Backbone—may be fighting an uphill battle in Iraq, but he is sure fighting."

Thus, the heirs of Burke dig the old man up and pee in his skull's gaping mouth! Conservatism today - as hot as a Fox Reality Show!


Amie said...

LI, who knew that all this time President Backbone was bravely fighting the uphill fight IN Iraq!!!

roger said...

Amie, I believe it is like those batman movies. Debonair, slightly dim president by day - mission accomplished fighter by night!

Actually, it is very fascinating to me, the homoerotic power of President Backbone over these seemingly straight aging dinosaurs. It is obviously there. And in many ways Bush's swagger and cowboy pose is a sort of transvestism, since, after all, he was a cheerleader and gets no closer to a bull than is sensible for your standard Yuppie rancher. So there is this femme/butch thing going on that deeply, deeply gets them off. I really believe that if we could just get Bush, Cheney, and the editorial staff of the Weekly Standard to just do it - just have that orgy with all the trimmings, the ointments, the chaps, the boots, the sound of choppers and bang banging shotguns - that we would all be better off. A certain unclenching would prevail. I think we'd all even pay the bill - even with the drycleaning, we are talking about a 20 thou party, tops.