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Sunday, July 16, 2006

RWG Communications

Time for an advertisement:

RWG Communications' student discount for June has now officially run out. But I will still negotiate with students who want editing and organizing of their papers. This is the latest RWG Communications letter that we send out to editors, writers, and academic associations. Readers, if you know anyone who writes and needs some help, please link them to this letter.

To whom it may concern

I am writing to inform you of a writing service especially designed to suit the needs of academics and students.

Have you been looking around for an editing service that is capable of making editing improvements that are adapted to the high and often specialized level of discourse of the discipline in which you are engaged? If so, you should contact my writing service.

In the past two years, my company, RWG Communications, has completed such projects as:

substantive editing of a book on process ontology;
substantive editing of a monograph on migration in Argentina;
substantive editing of an article on Paul Ricoeur;
substantive editing of an article on nominalism in mathematical philosophy;
substantive editing of a conference paper on scientific realism;
extensive substantive editing of a book on macroeconomics;
substantive editing of a book on supply chain management);
substantive editing of a book on Western historiography;
substantive editing of a book on symbols and consciousness;
substantive editing of a popular science book on speech dysfunctions;
a partial translation of a turn of the century Austrian linguist whose work on speech errors was used by Freud;
translation from the German of a paper on ontological proofs;
editing of a paper on semantic opacity and animal consciousness;
a translation of a German book on Japanese economics, The Basho of Economics;

I charge a competitive rate for content and copy editing, with editing per page going from $5.00 per page on up. Charges depend on the degree of editing complexity required and the number of pages.

In addition, I translate from French and German.

I have edited for a variety of writers, from business consultants to journalists to academics, located all over the world: the United States, Denmark, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Pakistan and Australia. In edition to editing, I have also worked as an independent journalist, publishing in the New Yorker, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and other magazines and newspapers. I deliver ASAP for those on short deadlines for conference papers, articles, or reports. You can link to our site, http://www.geocities.com/rogergathman/writing.html, for details about me, my editing and writing philosophy, and fees.

If this sounds of interest to you or someone you know, I’d welcome inquiries for further information.

Yours sincerely,
Roger Gathman

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