the sycophants ball

The Washington Post, in its infinite wisdom, decided to send a staff reporter to interview Phillip Johnson, the gray eminence behind the pseudo-science of Intelligent Design. This is interesting. Are they going to start letting the style section do reports on business, now? How about having a sports reporter do the Pentagon beat.

The article, of course, betrays Michael Powell’s powerful eighth grade education in biology, and his charming belief, which probably won him prizes in high school, that a newspaper story doesn’t take sides -- it deals with both sides of the question. He even wrote a very good essay on that in his English class, and Ms. Figworth marked it VERY IMPRESSIVE!

One doesn’t blame poor Mr. Powell – he truly seems prepared, if the question is, say, whether Star Wars one is better than Star Wars three – but the brothelkeeper who sent him on his task. As usual, the Washington Post’s response to the conservative establishment that runs D.C., now, is to fetch the bone. The bone, in this case, is the debasing of American education with nonsense.

We especially loved this sentence:

“Johnson and his followers, microbiologists and geologists and philosophers, debate in the language of science rather than Scripture.”

Because Powell obviously think that science is a debate, with people taking notes out of their files – yes, it is the debate club! He covered the debate club, once! He knows how to do this!

Oh, the Bush age. How I long for it to end.


Deleted said…
Roger, as nearly as I can recall, it has been media-cool to be a cretin -- mixing painful hagiography with trivialized newsesque coverage of events -- since Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit. Bush cannot be blamed for the rampant sycophancy and the cult of mediocrity that has taken over the press! He is a victim, poor fellow, of the soft bigotry of low expectations enabled and cultivated by feckless factoid slingers.

The Washington Post's taste for treating genial pimps like royalty is part of its race to the mediocre bottom with the NY Times. Both have reached the stage where the editors think it's smart marketing to assign the least competent, most bootlicking reporters to important stories. They're hoping for the rubbernecking dollar.
roger said…
Harry, come on, man. Don't make me feel like I'm wasting my time entirely, by shooting my capgun at cretins. Humor me! Besides -- and this burns me up -- these are cretins who safely ensconse their precious bundles of joy in private schools, while oh so evenhandedly watching public school kids get an even more debased education. It just makes me feel like Jimmy Cagney at the end of White Heat.
winn said…
They aren't applying the language of science to Intelligent Design.

They're taking the same old hoary chestnuts of Creationism out of the closet and sticking new buzz words on them, as Powell would have seen had he done any fact-checking at all.

I hate the fact that the media is behaving like Intelligent Design is anything other than the same old pig dressed up in the same old lipstick.
roger said…
Winn, given the appearance of the article in Style, I think your pig and lipstick comparison is pretty apt.

I have to wonder what the Washington Post science journalists think of this. It makes them look like idiots.