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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

shilling post

Okay, I finally made the Dopamine Cowboy Movement button link to the cafepress.com/limitedinc site. These things aren't easy for LI -since we put up our first webzine, Calumny and Art, a long time ago, the software has proliferated but to do certain, intermediate work cheaply has gotten harder.

Or so it seems to us. So remember, if you enjoy Freshly Released Air, or the Newshour with Atilla the Hun, which you can only get on LI, send us 10 to 50 bucks. And if you are a Department of Education official looking for some shill to push that great leap backwards, the No Child Left Behind act, think about 200,000 bucks. Or if you are a Russian kleptomillionaire with tax problems and you think you need pliable mouthpieces in the West, a small oilfield in Siberia would be nice. Whatever level you can accommodate for whatever corruption we can manufacture, you can trust us at LI to be rooting, tooting, garrulous, and full of controversial p.o.v.


k-mort said...

How are you Sir. I don't agree with all of your assertionas, but at least you are capable of some wit and satire unlike the dour
wannabe-Lukacs of Lnng Sunday.

Dopamine? I haven't seen it in action, but having seen a few perps doin' the 'Zine shuffle--Thorazine that is--I am considering a splinter group "'Zine Conservative Chrustian Hicks Now": though plenty of Southside gangstas could benefit from the program.

roger said...

kmort -- Zounds! splinter groups already! and I've barely got my movement out of the fingers on one hand stage!

I can spot problems with any street battle right away. Dopamine cowboys have a tendency to get up late and miss appointments and spend working time flirting with the receptionist. Whereas Zine Christian gangbangers -- I can only see them moving zombie-like through the dawn's early light, armed with zipguns and the book of Mormon.

Hey, give me credit for one thing, though -- at least there is no dreary "post-" in my movement's name. I am so through with attaching post- to anything except postit notes. Post has had it as the elect prefix on this site!

Celia said...

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Diana said...

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