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Das Langweilige ist interessant geworden, weil das Interessante angefangen hat langweilig zu werden. – Thomas Mann

"Never for money/always for love" - The Talking Heads

Monday, October 17, 2005


Fund Raising Week, Month, Whatever

Okay, ladies and germs. LI’s official fundraising week is kicking off.

Harry has pretty much told me how to put together LI’s product line and what the contribution thresholds should be. The man has bowled me over with his web canniness.

Here's how this is going to work. I am setting up an account with Cafe Press. I'll put the link to that account up this week. So it will be possible to go directly to the Cafe Press and simply choose your items. Or you can go through me, telling me what you want and where you want your item shipped.

So, here’s the list:

We are offering, to those who fork over 50 bucks, the organic t shirt here:

To those who fork over 30 bucks, the regular t shirt shown on our stunning model, here:

Of course, those who want multiple t shirts for Halloween, Christmas, The feast of the platypus messiah day, etc. – all your favorite Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Sex positive holidays – should tell me.

Those who want the Dopamine Cowboys Movement Logo emblazoned on the back, please send me emails.

If you want to contribute to LI directly, you can either press the handy Paypal button you will find on the sidebar (looking at this page on your internet explorer browser). Or you can mail checks, piggybanks, or whatever to our address:

Roger Gathman
615 Upson, #203
Austin, Texas 78703

The essence of fundraising is to find that discrete equilibrium point between being obnoxious and being too obnoxious and to stand on it with spiked shoes. On a blog, I think that means: I will be putting up please contribute to LI posts, or otherwise adding that to posts, until we are all heartily sick of it and we see if anything comes of it.


Deleted said...

Have I sent you the final image to upload, Roger? My memory is shot. I smoked too much pot while working construction back in the day. Also, I'm going to make better model pictures. You can barely see those images, and there's no (hopefully) encouraging sense of how they'll look.

roger said...

Harry, I was thinking that these pics are pour encourager le fric, as they say -- the moolah, the clams, the emoluments from the audience, out there -- and that the pics would be put up in the Cafe Press "store". Or am I screwing this up?

Deleted said...

Oh, that would work. Nope, you're not screwing things up at all. Everything's on track as far as I can see.