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Monday, September 19, 2005


Readers of LI:

I've been sending out the following sheet to academic journals, advertising my editorial services. Anybody who knows a journal, a list serve, or a person that I should send this (or a modified version of this) to should please drop me an email at rgathman@netzero.net.


I am writing to inform you of an editorial service especially designed for the needs of faculty and graduate students.

I have talked to editors of academic journals and have been told that many journals do not have off site editors to whom to refer authors of those papers that are in need of revision. At the same time, the rate of submissions is increasing, and editors and readers at journals are straining to keep up. My service fills this gap.

I charge a competitive rate for editing. I specialize in humanities and social sciences. In the past year, RWG Communications projects have included:

substantive editing of an article on macroeconomics;

substantive editing of a book on process ontology;

substantive editing of a monograph on migration in Argentina;

substantive editing of an article on Paul Ricoeur;

substantive editing of an article on nominalism in mathematical philosophy;

substantive editing of a conference paper on scientific realism;

substantive editing of a book on supply chain management;

a partial translation from the German of a turn of the century Austrian linguist whose work on speech errors was used by Freud.

I translate from German and French into English. I have developed successful relationships with Swiss, Danish and German academics, as well as graduate students requiring translation work for their various research projects and advice about their papers. Scholars for whom English is a second language are urged to consider my editorial service. RWG Communications delivers ASAP for those on short deadlines for conference papers, articles, or chapters. You can find the link to the RWG Communications site here:

http://www.geocities.com/rogerwgathman/roger_gathman.html. Look for our new site, under construction, at http://www.rwgcom.net.

If this sounds of interest to your journal and/or department, I hope that you will post this announcement and keep these email addresses in mind for your future needs.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Gathman

RWG Communications

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