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Monday, March 12, 2007

our standard begging post

Limited Inc has not posted a begging contribution post in a while. So I figure it is time to post one. This is an excellent month to contribute to the maintenance of this enterprise if you are so inclined, since this month is proving to be a cruel one to LI's bones. We had a nice anonymous contribution last week - for which, much thanks! Contributors large and small, check out the little paypal link.


Scruggs said...

Roger, the UFOB media lab has made you a fund raising video. It's about 15 megabytes.

roger said...

Mister Scruggs! I admit, waiting for this to download, I was a little afraid you were going to make me appear in scenes reminiscent of those that have garnered Peter Beinart his critical acclaim - but no, it was very pretty! I'm flattered. Can I put the link to that on my sidebar?

Scruggs said...

Roger, I would be flattered if you did, and I'm also intrigued by the idea of helping Beinart, albeit in a different way.

roger said...

Down mr. scruggs! The beinart idea can only get you into trouble!