As much as LI finds it rather laughable to advertise on this site, which at most gets sixty hits in a day, and usually hums along at thirty, we are going to put up our email address for our writing and editing service in this blog.

The service, RWGCommunications, copyedits, proofreads, and ghostwrites scholastic and technical papers, newsletters, news releases, speeches, and any and all written communications in English. We just copyedited some articles in a volume on process ontology that is coming out next year.

Here's the full advertisement:

I am a freelance writer and copyeditor. I have a B.A. in French, with a minor in German. I have extensive experience in two domains: editing and writing. I have proofread a number of e-books for Farrar Straus Giroux, one of the major American publishers. I have also done a number of more sophisticated copy-editing jobs, all as a freelancer, on academic topics ranging from Colonial Mexican literature to Jane Austin to Artificial Intelligence.

My experience as a writer is more varied. The list of my publications includes local, national, and Canadian magazines and newspapers. The brief list includes: the Austin Chronicle, the Austin American Statesman, San Antonio Express News, Wall Street Journal,Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, the Economist, Newsday, New York Observer, New York Press, Boston Herald, Boston Review, Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, Metro, Chicago Sun-Times, In These Times, National Post (of Canada), Salon, Feed, Intellectual Capital,Poets and Writers, Kamera (British), and Greenmagazine.

For the last named, Green, an investment magazine for 20 to 30 year olds started by Ken Kurson of Esquire magazine, I served as the chief business book reviewer. The magazine folded in 2001, but not before I had done more than 12 business book reviews. I mention this experience in particular because it gave me a large sense of the genre of business writing.

I currently run a weblog, and I have edited my own webzine, using FrontPage and copyediting the HTML myself.

Call me for prices (I'm very reasonable!) at (512) 478-3699, or write: Roger Gathman at